Sergio G. Socolsky, CEO

Mr. Sergio G. Socolsky serves as CEO of America’s Capital Partners (ACP) headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida. Mr. Socolsky brings tremendous knowledge and depth from both a capital market and real estate perspective with over 30 years of vast domestic and international real estate investment, development and construction experience. He is responsible for acquisitions, capital formation and development for ACP. He has spearheaded the company’s efforts in the development of self-storage and high-rise residential projects. During his tenure at ACP, Mr. Socolsky has been instrumental in the acquisition and disposition of over $2.5 billion in commercial properties.

Prior to joining ACP, Mr. Socolsky was Executive Director and Principal of Sococia S.A. from 1983 until 2000, a construction and development company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Established in 1958, the company grew to employ as many as 1200 people. His responsibilities included overseeing the development of projects throughout the country, acquisitions and dispositions, and the company’s financial planning. During 1988, he was responsible for the involvement of the company in country debt swap projects in Argentina, Chile and the Dominican Republic, aggregating over $250 million.

Mr. Socolsky co-founded and acted as CEO of Valle de Aminga S.A. from 1992 until 2000, an olive grove concern located in the province of La Rioja Argentina with 650 acres of olive groves under management.

Mr. Socolsky graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.